Hawaiian Beach
the place of perfect Vacation

Hawaiian-Beach-Vacations accommodations
JUNGLE studio

1 King bed
Extra twin bed
Full bathroom
Kitchenette (micro,fridge, toaster, dishes etc.)


1Queen & 1 King beds
Full bathroom
Kitchenette (micro, fridge, toaster, etc.)
Private garden with 
    a patio and table
Very quiet
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​1 Queen bed
Full bathroom
Large walk-in closet


         Hibiscus+Ocean+Plumeria rooms + living room (with 2 sofas and additional full bed) +  kitchen. 
This combination is popular with big families and reunions (can accommodate up to 8 persons) as it includes 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a large living room and a full-service kitchen.

Combination #2:
          All 5 units with 5 full bathrooms + large living room + full kitchen. 
In this combination we can accommodate 12 persons. The family meals can be had in the kitchen or at the large table in the palm tree grove.
​$895/night plus 13.96% of HI State Tax and $295 cleaning fee.
OCEAN room

2 single beds
 or 1 King bed
Full bathroom
2  closets


1 Queen bed
​Full bathroom
2 closets


All 5 units (Jungle, Gardenia, Hibiscus, Ocean +Plumeria rooms) + Living room + Kitchen. This combination accommodates up to 12 people.

Living room (2 sofas + bed)
Full kitchen
Garden table under palm trees 
                 and BBQ
Small extra room
    Phone and text: 808 202 3973     Landline: 808 261 5455
                       E-mail: HawaiiPlace100@gmail.com