Hawaiian Beach
the place of perfect Vacation

Why Kailua?
You've heard of Hawaii's perfect climate, beautiful beaches and the spirit of Aloha, sure, that's why you are here. 
But what's so special about Kailua? Why don't you SEE it with your own eyes? 
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In case you've missed something, here is a list:

Water sports: swimming,
                       surfing, boogie boarding,body surfing
           Rental equipment on the beach or nearby. 
           Instructions are available as well.

Sand sports: snoozing in shade
                      castle building
                      people watching 
                      long beach walks and jogging

Kailua town:  shopping (many boutiques, Macy's, Longs, Safeway, Foodland and many others)
                     eating and imbibing (lots of restaurants and bars)
                     biking (rental available)
                     glorious hiking

Nearby Kailua: scuba diving, sailing, parasailing, gliders, horseback riding, polo,
                     golfing, whale watching, bird watching, eco tours, shark and dolphin encounters
                     luaus, museums, historical and cultural sites.

Kiter on Kailua Beach
A trail above Kailua Beach
Sand castle, Kailua Beach
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